Ingeniciel token sale is over!

INGCL tokens are now available for trading
on NXT Assets Exchange.

Tokens Wallets

INGCL is a NXT-based currency, so we are using NXT wallet, which is supported by all major operating systems, but make sure you have the latest version of Java installed. You can download the most recent Nxt Software (version 1.11.12) above.

How to buy INGCL tokens?

The INGCL currency offering will be done via Dutch Auction (Currency ID : 17485204973156571680)
This means that the chunk of 2,086,000 tokens will be sold at once again the ladder of big orders.
The moment when this happens will not be disclosed in advance (to ensure fairness),
nor the price at what it is sold will be revealed.
We will do it once we decide that the offered price satisfies our needs to cover the R&D to reach our first benchmark.

Tokens Distribution


  • Easy to use

    Ingeniciel looks great on any device. Content can be easily read and a user understands freely how to use the app. We attach great importance to user experience.

  • Pocket pharmacy

    You are able to find a large number of drugs, each with proper drug dosage and medicine recommendations. You can search the name of a specific drug to find out how it should be taken, in which pharmacy you can find it, as well as any potential side effects. We attach great importance to healthcare.

  • Learn medical skills

    Simple step-by-step instructions to guide you through everyday first aid scenarios, whether talking asthma attacks or broken bones.

  • Control your health

    Patients can consult their EMR and send it to the institution of their choice, and physicians are able to write diagnosis, prescriptions, examination results and health check.

  • Organize your medical life

    You can quickly see which vaccinations you’ve had and when at a glance, see the last time you visited the physician and which prescriptions you’re taking, send a non-urgent message to your clinic, schedule visits from directly within the app, and request prescription refills.

  • Accessibility before all

    Best of all, you can see all your information online if you can’t access it due to cellular outages.


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Token launch (Q4 2017)

100% Complete (success)100% Done

Launch on trading platforms, Development, Advertising (Q1-Q4 2018)

17% Complete17% Done

Incorporation, Alpha release, Marketing (Q1-Q3 2019)

3% Complete (warning)0% Done

Deployment, Expansion (Q1 2020 ?)

3% Complete (danger)0% Done



Pierre Bouvier


Pierre is a french entrepreneur fond of computer science. He specialized first in health and science during 4 years in several universities, and is now moving towards Ingeniciel development. His scientific basis, his knowledge about blockchain and web development allows him to focus on creating solutions associating medicine and computer science.


Rue du viel renversé,
69005 Lyon, France


Mobile: +33 601 412 304

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