Pierre Bouvier


  • Scientist since my early days
  • 2013: STL Baccalaureate (A-level) - Laboratory sciences and technologies, w/ Physics/Chemistry speciality
  • 2013: UCBL1 Faculty of Medicine
  • 2015: UCBL1 - Biology-Geology
  • 2016: IFSI Aix - nursery degree
  • 2017: WCS - Web development training (PHP,MySQL,JS)
  • 2018: ATPL Commercial Pilot Licence program
  • 2021: Tornado.Finance (TCORE) Founder


  • 10/14 theoretical subjects passed.
  • 160 hours of VFR flight on single engine aircraft.
  • PPL level achieved

Web, crypto & Web3 dev

I am a strong cryptocurrency believer since mid 10's.
I started by HODLing some BTC and ETH, and got interested by their underlying source code. I then developed basic Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies (with Solidity) and moved towards more complex contract source codes. My actual project is Tornado (TCORE, formerly TornadoCore).
TCORE is a fork of cVault.finance (CORE), a high yield farmable deflationary cryptocurrency.


Tornado.Finance (TCORE)

Tornado Finance (TCORE, formerly TornadoCore), is my main cryptocurrency project.

The TCORE cryptocurrency is a non-inflationary farming model forked from cVault.finance (CORE), with an improved code.

A 2% tax is taken on every sell order and any tokens transfer, and sent to the Vault to reward the liquidity providers (investors). TCORE Pools earn from profit strategy contracts to earn interest.

The goal of this project is to maximise investors profits, enhanced by constantly improving/developing the protocol to be a competitive profit-making asset for our investors.